WaterISAC links members through a secure online portal. The subscriber base includes water utilities and state and federal agencies dealing with security, law enforcement, intelligence, the environment and public health.

To better link the community and to foster information sharing, we:

  • Designed and implemented a new Jive/Clearspace Community Collaboration Platform using stakeholder interviews to assess user experience, knowledge management, and secure collaboration requirements,
  • Provided WaterISAC and its subscribers with a true collaborative site that supports user participation and community based knowledge discovery, and
  • Integrated Web 2.0 social networking features and secure collaboration on multiple levels to provide a focal point for a wide audience with varying needs.

Additionally, to update the public-facing website to appropriately market the new collaboration platform, I:

  • Assisted in defining and developing marketing strategy, and redesigned the public-facing website to realign with marketing strategies,
  • Translated the designed into HTML/CSS and worked with the development team to integrate the markup into FreeMarker templates, and
  • Created an online form to improve the membership sign-up process and to improve data quality.